All posts in 1*Articles changed domain!

I will try to give you some info here about our moving from old domain to new one –

Our country decided to close all .yu domains and move it to new .rs domain names. However we decided to register .com domain and move to . We also decided to completely redesign our old website. We will use wordpress CMS, I hope you will like this. is no. 1 on google

google1Old domain was active for more then 9-10 years. We are currently no. 1 on google search for keyword “okinawa karate”. Right now we are little bit worried not to loose google rank. Anyway, we have to do what we have to do.

All visits are redirected from old site to, content is moved but it will take next few weeks before we adapt content for our new wordpress design.  After that we will start with new articles.

Please update your links to our new domain

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Shotokan katas (Tekki nidan)

Shotokan katas (Pasai sho)

Shotokan katas (Pasai dai)

Shotokan katas (Kanku sho)

Shotokan katas (Gojushiho dai)

Shotokan katas (Jion)

Shotokan katas (Jin)

Shotokan katas (Jitte)

Shotokan katas (Meikyo)

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