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Timbei vs bo from Milos Stanic on Vimeo.

Tinbei vs bo


Weapons (kobudo)


The Bo - Japanese CharactersBo (kon)

Sensei Mead demonstrates the EikuThere are 4 kinds of Bo or Kon used in the system, San Shaku or Jo Bo, Roku Shaku, Kyu Shaku and Eiku or Suna Kake no Kon. The Bo is the main stay of Ryukyu Kobujutsu attributing 22 kata to the syllabus and its usage and posture is almost the same as the sword. Read more…


Okinawan journey

by Shihan Anthony Marquez

Even though I was born in America, a large part of meconsiders home to be a place called Okinawa. I can still remember the good old days as a young serviceman walking into a dojo for the first time. I celebrated the 25th anniversary of that day on April 5, 1996. I visited Okinawa in August 1995 and participated in the Pre-World Championship, the precursor to the World Championship scheduled to take place on Okinawa in July 1997. Read more…